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We are just showing that how you have to work. You will get Jpeg Image File as given below to be converted in MS-Word file as shown in later half of the image below. Whatever matter is written in the image file exactly you have to type in MSWORD in .doc format. The image JPEG Files will be printed Text matter only.
NO HANDWRITTEN MATTER. We provide you with the best data entry work at home. We specialize in data entry. You can get a better income through this data entry jobs.
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Offline Data Entry jobs
This Job requires simple typing skills & ability to read English correctly . We will provide you scanned image for work & You have to type the content of those image files into MS WORD. You can Download the Work Files from the Server Link which we provide you. SUBMISSION of the work can be done either through E-mail or by CD as per instructions given by the firm. You must submit the work to us according to the due date given on time of starting the work . Your work will then be subjected to stringent quality and will be approved only if you produce the minimum accuracy. Your result of accuracy regarding the job work will be sent through your email.
Work Scope for all Plans:
JPEG to *.DOC conversion. No distribution of work is allowed & work should be done according to instructions given by us. Payment via DD or At Par Cheque or Money Order (As preferred by You).
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